was founded in 1969, CMS SpA (Costruzioni Macchine Speciali) is the leading company of CMS Industries. The group has a turnover of 100 million Euro and includes four brands, four foreign branches and a worldwide sales network. CMS Industries specializes in the production of numerically controlled multi-axis machining centres, thermoforming machines and waterjet cutting systems. With its extensive catalogue of solutions, CMS Industries can successfully meet the requirements of a wide range of sectors, including: Aerospace, military, automotive, marine, energy, construction, mechanical, eyewear, stone, glass, wood and many more. The machines manufactured by CMS Industries are used to build space shuttles, military and civilian aircraft, Formula 1 cars, sport and road cars, America's Cup boats, yachts, wind turbines, and many other products with the utmost quality and accuracy. CMS Machining centres and software applications are used in a number of industrial sectors, including: Woodworking, plastics and composite materials, light alloys, aluminium, marble, stones, glass, eyewear.